Entries by Liza-Mari van Bemmel

Book your seat for the VAT Masterclass 2022

The VAT Masterclass training event 2022 aims to end the nightmares with all things VAT. Attend to find out more about the SARS verification process that seems to take place every month for some vendors & how you can cope! Answering questions like – can you backdate your VAT registration, deemed supplies – how not selling anything can make you liable for a VAT payment & more.

The diesel rebate and other myths

From logbooks, the diesel audit to the letter of demand, this is the first in a series of blogs concerning the diesel rebate for farmers and all the murky waters around it. There are very important steps to follow in terms of the law.  If SARS grabs your money out of your next VAT rebate, within the 30 days of the letter of demand then also contact me immediately!

Book your seat for the VAT Masterclass 2018 in JHB or BFN

Find yourself dealing with SARS and VAT issues more and more?  And spending hours on the phone to the SARS call centre, receiving hundreds of “case numbers” – are you really able to sort things out?   Is more and more of your chargeable time taken up on these issues with no result?

Is this a valid tax invoice?

Many VAT vendors are unsure what a valid tax invoice consists of. If its not valid, SARS will disallow the input tax claims. Don’t let that happen to you.